Tailored solutions

Product information

Product development

Sometimes the above is not enough. What happens if you want a product that does not exist, but needs to be developed from scratch? Over the years, we have taken on external projects within our profile, such as the development of stuffed animals tied to a mascot, our own mobile phone cases, customized packaging and more.

Ordinary products

We can help with existing products such as card holders, data cases, mobile covers and also packaging for the products. There may also be requests for clothes in certain special measurements, labels or packaged, which we also help with. In general, we can help you with all your wishes!

Products from scratch

Products from scratch usually mean products that do not exist today. It can be toys, stuffed animals, sweets or the like to be able to make your own. There are always solutions and today we work with several companies to develop these products.

We offer agency

That's right! We do not only work with product development, but offer to be an agency for your company or project! This means that we can help you find a supplier, convey your wishes for products and help you develop collections.